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In 2016 I’d listen to different kinds of gospel songs; thrilled by lyrics, amazed by mind blowing compositions and melodic harmonies. Yet I could not get enough, in my push for more, I divinely got thunderstruck by one so outstanding.

It was sometimes between the months of November and December the same year, I was privileged to read the manuscript of the Play ‘Nativity’ written and directed by Johnson. It was also the first time I came in contact with the lyrics of the song, and got the music sent into my phone, thank You Johnson. I did not just come from nowhere, it all began from the time I started listening. And it was never the same me.  Something in me is not just the usual. Why this alteration and mind shift? It is the song My HEALER, a song of Jesus.

Is anyone familiar with the story about the life and times of Brother Lawrence? By way of contrast, I can assuredly say that I see another Brother Lawrence in Brother Bapshang, though not a monk or a cook, but he is a personification of the great Brother Lawrence.  Brother Bapshang songs always inspire me; his lifestyle is so different from some self acclaimed Gospel music ministers whose lifestyle are in deep contradistinction with what Christianity stands for. A true servant of Jesus whose songs are nourished by the words of Jesus, an un-repented worship leader that  always connect the heart and minds and speak to this generation in truth and in Spirit. Bapshang is a chronic and practical worshipper of Jesus, he is not an entertainer.  And what matters to him is Jesus be praised both in lifestyle and in songs. He carries a deep sense of humility and sensitivity of the presence of the Holy Spirit; this weighty encounter is the atmosphere that this cum worshipper brings.
MY HEALER the song

My Healer is a song of worship that has taken into deep consideration the two most basic phases of human existence: the PHYSICAL and the SPIRITUAL. The colliding of these  two realities unravel the limitations of the physical landscape of human existence and the conquering prominence of the spiritual frame work, anchored upon faith the awesome power of God’s possibilities, that starts where man’s impossibilities begin. I dare to say, by all standard and content; this song is a spirit lifting song especially for every Christian and non Christians. It is another exposition of the power in the blood of Jesus Christ that speaks better things than the blood of Abel. The blood heals, restores and redeems the human heart and even physical deformities like cancer, fever, chicken pox, HIV, Polio, Diabetes, bareness, infertility and so on.
This is a push of faith, a possibility rooted in the faith we have in Christ.  The song echoes beyond the just the normal collocation of alphabets and sounds, it addresses the questions of  despair, faithlessness, hopelessness and vagueness that a depressed mind can actually become as a result of daunting health or any physical challenges. It rekindles hope and faith – the testimony of Hebrews 11: 1. Though pain is part of life, sicknesses sometimes come to weaken us to death, report from doctors that threaten optimism, yet, there a cure that beyond the content of words in earthly reports.
Hence, in 2016, ‘My Healer’ is just the needed song that help me navigates through the hurdles of that year.  The sense of connection between the lyrics and the theme and subject matter of the song is really beyond just the combination of chords or instruments. It is deeply spiritual and true. The deep yet subtle song of worship crystallizes the inherent audacity of faith. The tonal quality of the voice command some deep sense of worthiness within the mood of the song – the magnetic nature of the vocal texture, has the sufficient ingredients to capture even the un- hungered or those desperately seeking to listen to a venerating song. Also, the choral like harmony gives another aesthetic embellishment to the song. It reminds me of the Lamb and the 144,000 singers in Revelation 14: 1 – 5, the heavenly voices echoing and scenting the glorious heaven with sanctified and purified voices. These singer’s voices even from a distance, could be heard but only and appreciated by the apostle John.

The language is so simple, unsophisticated, and straightforward, this quality makes the song to be easily sung like a typical African music which is characterized by call and response; the choice of the vocabulary makes the song lasting in the memory of any person, a listener can effortlessly comprehend the theme and the subject matter in the song. Hence, a song is for all level of education. The language can be said to simple day to day market English, familiar to all and sundry, thus, one does not need a degree in English or philosophy to comprehend the thematic texture of the song.
Another mesmerizing aspect of the song is the instrumentation; the beautiful complementalization of the instruments further gives this heavenly song worth that every un-tune heart and ear will appreciate the prowess therein. The 3/2 time signature gave the song a lively and pleasant rhythmic movement, easy for clapping, head- nodding, and feet stamping.
In conclusion, my healer is a reminder to all who are facing certain health or spiritual challenges of the sovereign power of God, through the saving power of the blood of Christ. The song is emphasizing the eternality and redemptive power in the blood of Christ, to heal and to save, the uniqueness of faith in the transcendent power in the interventionary act of God to break every yoke of sin, disease, and principalities from the enemy of our soul – Satan. And in every situation, God’s report is final and not the doctor, people, tradition or self value.
This song is one of a kind; I am eagerly waiting for Bapshang’s Album. My Healer has given my expectation a weighty hope and audacity to say the album is going to wow the world!


More Grace Brother Bapshang

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