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Godiya Jabila Mamza also known as ‘Diya’ is a female gospel music minister from the northern part of Nigeria who delights in being used to save the lost while edifying the saint through her music!
Diya this time around is coming with the last single hit in the soon to be released album ‘Taking Over” titled “Celebrate Jesus”. Here is what she has to say as touching it.
The chameleon cannot change into what it cannot see! Its change is subject to what its eyes sees per time. Well, so is every man! But for Man, the mechanism is doubled, as it works with Man’s eyes (Gen 13:14-17) and Man’s ears (Gen. 17:5)! Overtime, man becomes what he keeps beholding and what he keeps hearing!
Little wonder why man is where he is!
However, the case is different for us-the redeemed because we can take charge of our “doors” ; Eyes & Ears!
Our ears must hear right so, overtime, we become His word that we keep hearing! (Rom10:17) Our eyes must see right so, overtime, we become His beauty/glory that we keep seeing!(John 1:14, 2Cor. 3:18) Hallelujah!
So speak to and over your soul God’s promises! Speak it out of every view contrary to His word! Call it out of every bondage it has conformed to. Walk your soul into its greatness! Keep speaking and don’t stop!
See well! Until you reflect Him perfectly, don’t stop seeing His goodness, His beauty, His greatness, His glory, His majesty, His royalty, His splendor… Keep
seeing until you change into it! Glory!!!
Keep celebrating Jesus! Its our short-path to hearing and seeing WELL!
So common! In this July let jolly Jesus dey go…!!!
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