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Marcus Joseph or “EemJay” as fondly called, debuts with “ Your Presence is Home ,” thus making what can be called his introduction to the music scene, the talented young Music minister is on a quest to showing forth God’s presence in all of his songs.

He has this to say: “This song was borne out of both experience and encounter. At a point of confusion and desperation, Jesus came through for me and made me realize that all I ever needed is HIM (his presence).

Isaiah 26:3 (TLB), says ‘He will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord!’

Whether you have ever found yourself in a similar shoe OR not, get along and sing with me…”

Niphkeys produced “Your PRESENCE is HOME.”
Verse 1:
When the trials of life choked me in
Couldn’t breathe so I searched for a place of relieve
Needed a friend to lean on so I turned to you.
You wrapped me in your arms and told me it’ll be OK.
When the storms arise,
I’ll always find safety, 
In your presence, 
When all hope is gone, 
I’ll always find strength (to forge ahead) 
Now and always.
Where I choose to be
Is in your presence 
Day by day 
Basking in your love
Behold the beauty 
If your majesty
Your presence 
Is where I found home/2ce
Though I walk through the shadow of death
Though I walk through the desert dry
I won�t fear as long as you are with me
You’ll carry me and I’ll fly.
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