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Is the Spirit of Fear Controlling Your Life?
Thanks for joining me in this series, “How to Overcome Fear.”
Earlier in this series, I said if I had to name one spirit that controls, dominates, possesses, oppresses, vexes, and torments most people in the world today, including Christians, I would say it’s the spirit of fear.
Many believers I know are living lives of torment brought about by a spirit of fear.
I wish I could tell you three steps to overcome fear in the natural. I wish there were some little pill you could take to eliminate fear in your life. There is no three-step plan or pill you can take, but there IS something you can do that will keep fear from tormenting you.
I’m convinced the source or root of fear isn’t the result of some psychological or emotional imbalance. It’s a spirit.
This isn’t a series about spiritual warfare. But I learned many years ago a very important thing about what’s going on in the natural and spiritual worlds. I hope you’ll remember this or write it down and think about it.
Every spirit manifests itself in a physical form, and every physical manifestation is the result of a spirit’s influence and activity.
I don’t know of another spirit that can render you as helpless and useless, that can tie your hands, bind your mind, control, vex, and torment your soul like the spirit of fear.
1st John 1:18 tells us that fear has torment. It doesn’t come from God. God doesn’t intend to torment you and doesn’t want you to be tormented. So if it doesn’t come from God, there is only one other place fear can come from and that is Satan.
The devil intends to keep you oppressed by fear, to keep you from doing God’s will, and to keep you from being used by God.
In Matthew chapter 25 is the story of the unprofitable servant. The spirit of fear kept him from being a good steward. It kept him using what God had given him to produce more. The tragic part of that story is that the Master cast that unprofitable servant into outer darkness where the Bible said there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.
What was his crime? What did he do wrong to deserve that kind of punishment? Very simply, he allowed fear to control him and to keep him from being productive for the Master.
Fear will keep you from praying for someone and believing that God can work a miracle in their life.
Fear will keep you from witnessing to someone, afraid of what people might think or say.
Fear will keep you from giving to God, afraid that you won’t have enough.
Fear will keep you from worshiping God in an outward expression of lifting your hands to the Lord, afraid of making a spectacle of yourself.
Jesus said in John 8:36 that he wants you to be free indeed.
Fear will cause you to hold that song inside or to keep that prayer request to yourself or to suppress the gifts of the Holy Spirit from operating in your life.
I pray today that you will be free from the spirit of fear. That you will use the spiritual authority Jesus has delegated to you and rebuke the spirit of fear from your life in Jesus’ name!
I hope you’ll join me again tomorrow as we continue this journey discovering “How to Overcome Fear.”
God bless you.



How to Overcome Fear

What’s the one spirit that controls, dominates, possesses and torments most people in the world today? It’s fear! In this 10-part series, David Cerullo explains the serious consequences of fear and how to overcome it. You’ll learn keys to banishing worry and how to replace fear with faith.

how to be bold and strong, and maintaining a godly perspective in the face of fear!



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