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Philippa – Nothing: Hail from and right now lives in Jos, Nigeria. Philippa is a lyricist and a love pioneer with a voracious love for God and an energy to share Jesus through music and chooses to leap forward with a fresh out of the box new offering labeled.


‘Nothing’ as created by maestro maker, Oluwadrumma.

The tune “NOTHING” was propelled by how men put expanding an incentive on the things of this world that are temporary over God that is endless.

How much men give careful consideration to things of everlasting worth and overlook what is always and how effectively men will exchange their spirits to satisfy the tissue.

It’s a call to about, a suggestion to other people and a support to numerous progressively that after all is said and done,

God is the only thing that is important. Matthew 6:33

‘Nothing’ is Philippa’s initially recorded tune and her first for the year 2018, she did equity on this one and nothing is going to stop this melody to making it to the highest point of your playlist.

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  1. Hello. This song isn’t complete, is there a complete version? I will be glad to have that. Thanks.

  2. Just Verified and i found the track tobe very complete, re-download it again may be the first wasnt complete…
    Thank you

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