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Nathaniel Abuka discharges one more soul filled tune,


titled: “Lord of Heaven and Earth” highlighting the vocals of “Rose Ageh” ,

one of the lead vocalists of God Life Assembly Jos, so blessed and can order God’s quality through effortlessness when she drives God’s kin in love.

Nathaniel Abuka is an up coming gospel craftsman with such a great amount of energy in lecturing the gospel through Godly roused and soul filled tunes.

In his Words;

“The tune ‘Lord of Heaven and Earth’ is one of the melodies God dropped in his soul while he was in his very time. You can not bear the cost of not to put the tune on replay.

He at long last renders a petition of gifts “God favor my dads in the Lord, my maker (Damils), loved ones who supported the introduction of this tune in one way or the other”. God favor you as you get favored and be a gift by imparting to other people.”

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