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The adoration and benevolence of the most high God towards us has no restrictions. We resemble a city without dividers and his salvation is our mass of protection.Day after day He deals with us as a hen broodes over her chicks. In this way our hearts are loaded up with satisfaction and tunes of thanks giving.


This is the Spirit of this wonderful tune of acclaim and love by Jerry Swam Sidi. In Preparation towards his destined to be discharged collection titled “Gamzaki” he drops this excellent single ” Girma ” Just to water the ground and set up our brains for the collection.

In this tune he highlight the incredible Jeremiah Gyang. There is no uncertainty the master is set to complete another thing in our lives this year. Dowload this tune and offer with the world.

Girma – Jerry SwamSidi ft Jeremiah Gyang


Yesu Kai ne dalilin murna ta
Yesu Kai ne dalilin Waka ta
Alherin ka zuwa gare ni 
Ba iyaka ba iyaka
In you I live a life of victory 
Unto you I sing this song for I am redeemed 
In you I live and move and have my being 
Kai ne waka ta 
Dalilin murna ta

Girma naka ne…
Yabo naka ne…
Mai Ceto na
You are worthy…

Girma naka ne…
Yabo naka ne…
Mai fansa ta
I give you all the praise.

Heavenly Father a gaban ka ni zan bow down 
Domin kauna da ka nuna Mani 
I will love you for the rest of my days 
Domin privileges I don’t deserve 
To you I play a skilful melody 
For you I sing this song and play my guitar 
Unto you our voices raised in harmony 
You’re the song I sing 
Everybody help me sing this song

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