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Cherry Mbadzedzei Silas said;

Have you at any point tuned in to a melody and you simply feel “gracious, this is actually what I feel and need to state?”

Each music sweetheart feels that way, something attracts them to each tune; sound, song, content or even the craftsman! I am certainly one individual that cherishes tuning in to great music and my major issue is the substance so my first inquiry is dependably ‘Hello, what are you saying to me?’

As people we cherish being perceived, acknowledged and celebrated for the beneficial things that we do or accomplish and the reason is straightforward affirmations hoist us to accomplish more since it demonstrates that the object of our benevolence esteem the seemingly insignificant details we do. That is actually what City Lights is about – an outflow of appreciation to each one of the individuals who clean our lives and add shading to it. Its a similar story for us all, our lives are better essentially as a result of the general population who shading our reality.

On the off chance that you have tuned in to melodies by Agbutun, you unquestionably can’t question his inventiveness and the deep articulation of his musings and in the event that you haven’t, it is never late to.


City lights recounts our story, the significance of life and the embodiment of imparting it to other people. It is a story we as a whole resound with! I could give you a million and one motivations to tune in to this tune yet it is certainly difficult to envision the abundance of this tune so Listen. Download. Offer


How about we be City Lights!

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