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Stream: Help Me Believe By Kirk Franklin.


“To the individuals who supplicate that on the off chance that they never hear sorry they can release it, absolution is a blessing you provide for yourself. You may hang tight to hear the words I am sad and it might never be expressed. You need to ask, cry and request that God help you to


relinquish that circumstance and to excuse the individual who have wronged you. I don’t have the foggiest idea about your circumstance yet I implore you not to harbor an unforgiving soul against the individual as this will harm you candidly physically and profoundly.






Disclose to God how you feel about the circumstance and that you need to be free from it. Your leap forward will come. God favor you.” said By Joselle Sutherland, a YouTube fan.





I’m gonna lift You up
Higher than all things
Above every name

Cause You are my God and King
You made everything
So I give You all my praise

I’m gonna lift Your name up
So everyone can see You live in me

Shine Your light in me
So all the world will see
The power of Your majesty

Jesus I will lift Your name up

Let Your Spirit fall on me
Now so that all the
World will know that You’re my God

Jesus I will lift Your name up

I’m so in love with You
Everything You do
Everything You say

You never let me go
You’re always in control
And I give You all my praise

Jesus I will lift
Your name up
Higher than all other names
You are my God
You are my King
You are my




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