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Godstime E. Okorie who is affectionately known as Minister Godstime discharges one more Spirit-filled tune titled O IMMANUEL.


Godstime, who has continually given to the countries of the earth incredible substance roused by the Spirit of God through the Holy Scriptures as the reason for each melody he has discharged and the once yet to be discharged.

This tune draws motivation from the Pentecost Experience as recorded in the book of Acts 2:1-4.

The experience of Pentecost is demonstrated by the words, “”All of them were loaded up with the Holy Spirit… “… ” The proof of Pentecost is shown by the words, “”and started… “… ” The experience came to around 120 who were in the second story room, an astonishing and a changing background which since that day has come to immense quantities of God’s’ kin.

Be that as it may, we read of the experience of Pentecost as well as of the proof of Pentecost when, since they were loaded up with the Holy Spirit, they “”started… “… ” Whenever God fills the heart, life and identity of one of His youngsters with the Holy Spirit there will dependably be the proof; and the proof here is appeared by the way that the individuals who were filled… … started.

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