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Prospa Ochimana discharges another amazing love single titled Ekwueme.


The experience is groundbreaking and the blessing apparent from the sound of his voice to the energy of his soul.

From Prospa Ochimana’s introduction single “The Great I Am” to the sanctification moderate shake “Everything Belongs To You,” .

The constant mixing of the climate of God’s quality is so substantial and obvious with swells of declarations and rushes of experiences far and wide through these tunes.

Here comes another sound that penetrates through celestials and conveys the soul of man to the nearness of “Ekwueme”, highlighting another admirer of incredible profundity and effect “Mrs Nwachukwu”.

(Her service in melodies through the Holy Spirit leaves an extremely extraordinary air of experiences and redemptions).

The tune title “EKWUEME” (which means the God who says it and does it) sang in English and Igbo (Eastern Nigerian language) is an unadulterated moderate rhythm, control pressed otherworldly music.

Prepare to dispatch into the profound, for an experience, to encounter the heavenly works of the ONE who says it and does it. Turn on the volume and turn down common weight through this melody. We can hardly wait to hear you share your declarations like others around the globe. Be honored!

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