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From Hammer House Records comes a religious tune like no other, Seyi Israel comes back with one more blessed sound titled “Your Way”. This one is a presentation of devotion to Jesus the Christ. It’s straightforward and compact yet amazing.


“Your way – can be best depicted as an unconstrained tune, exclusively enlivened by the Holy Ghost. The melody was birthed, while we were in a practice getting ready for our live account. It came as a sound code in the domains of the soul, and as Spirit drove serves that we seem to be, we had the capacity to lift it up from the domains of the soul and after that vocalize it. Right now, there are a few declarations from individuals who heard this melody amid our live chronicle. Greatness be to the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ for such a ground-breaking melody”

Review that Seyi Israel went ahead the scene a year ago July with a hit melody titled “Wetin I Go Give You” which promptly gathered a great deal of positive audits from industry intellectuals and with “Your Way” presently out, you can’t refute the way that this craftsman is profoundly blessed for this age.









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