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Vision for JCYC 2019.

There is a hunger and thirst for God among countless young people in our streets and
communities. I see it in their eyes, and I hear it when they speak. Many of these young
people are looking for answers to the deepest yearnings of their hearts, about hope and
aspirations, about eternity. They are tired of hearing the prosperity gospel that is all
about survival, about worldly satisfaction and success, about here and now. Their hopes
have been deterred and betrayed, they are exhausted from chasing empty promises.


Many have been spiritually mortified and wondered in the wilderness of uncertainty;
many have been entangled in a vicious cycle of self-gratification and self-destruction;
and many have fallen the edge of the precipice to eternal doom and damnation.
In spite of the looming darkness and decay, hope is not yet lost. There is hope of a
coming revival and the time is now. It is time to snatch our young people from the
snare of the evil one. It is time to satisfy their hunger and thirst with something real,
authentic, and true – with God. Only God can quench their blistering thirst with the
water of life, Jesus.

In the terrain of the spiritual life, we all need guides to help us meet God. God always
sends His servants to preach the everlasting Gospel of Christ to bring His wandering
children home. In November 29, 2003, the Lord said to me in the vision of the night,
“Go dig and break Plateau State. Preach the Gospel and turn my people from darkness
to light.” 16 years have passed since I heard that call. 10 of the 16 years have been a time
of theological preparation and spiritual pruning.


The last 6 years have been a season of
ministry in America. I have preached revivals in many states in America, and I have
seen many come to faith in Christ. Presently, I am serving as the chair of Christian
Ministry and assistant professor at the Oklahoma Baptist University. I am mostly
known as “the preaching professor at OBU.”

Last year, the Lord reconnected me with Manji Samuel, who was one of my students 12
years ago. This young man is burning with zeal and passion for God. Together with
Manji, God has prepared a group of young men and women that have met Him in the
crisis of encounter and have totally surrendered to His mission.

It is in collaboration
with this group of vibrant young men and women that I am putting together this
conference to reach out to young people in Jos. Our hope is that some of them would
collide with Jesus in this meeting and become DEVOTED TO CHRIST.
David N. Gambo

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