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Tosin  Emmanuel   “It’s in you” was birthed amid my confusing situations as a young man trying by the help of God to keep the faith, achieve my goals and visions in life against all odds [national, regional, ethnic and sociocultural]. I continued in my struggles because I believe that the joy of achievement is for someone to tell you “well-done, your work inspires me, I was blessed, my spirit was revived etc.”


I want to be wealthy and happy without soiling my hands in the evil people go through without honest labour.


These and many more are the deep thoughts on my mind when God inspired me to pen this song knowing I may not be the only one going through this situation in Nigeria. We need to be encouraged with songs like this so that our spirit will keep fighting the heavy loads trying to suppress our inner man.

I am inspired by this song, I know you will be inspired too.

Most importantly, our nation’s football team need to be reminded that they can do it: greatness is in them; we can win the 


Share this song, let it get to people going through similar situation.



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