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Worship leader NeNe Olajide in preparation for the official release of her forthcoming album returns with a soul lifting worship song Yeshua.


The song inspired by the Holy Spirit and birthed from the place of intimacy will boost your worship lifestyle.


Nene Olajide believes that the greatest gift we can give to God is that our of soul and a sound of worship lifted up to him.


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You never fail me yet fail me yet,

no matter what I go through..

You never fail me yet your word is yeah and Amen…

Never fail me get, your love is real and Crystal clear…

You purify my destiny… Amplify my melody…

Who am I oh Lord
That you’re mindful of me
What am I oh Lord that you care so much for me…(2x)

Komai na, naka ne
Komai na naka ne(2x)

Yeshua almasheya…
Komai na naka ne
Yeshua almasheya
Komai na naka ne

A same giciye na Sami ceto
A asma giciye na Sami salama
Ray na a hanun ka yeke Yesu
Nabaka Komai da neke da shi…
Yashua almashiya komai naka ne(2x)

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