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Bana Jin Tsoro (I’m Not Afraid) By Adi Eze

“Bana Jin Tsoro” (I’m Not Afraid) is both a song for the now and the future from the crooner of the popular “Sunar Yesu”, Adi Eze. It shows the very reason we should be fearless in the midst of whatever trial or circumstance that might face or is facing us. Our note of rejoicing is that “Christ is in us”.  He has decided to make the heart of man his home. Isn’t this just exciting? Glory!





Brethren, with God on our side like this, we can’t lose. The Lord has won for us. The gate of hell cannot prevail over the church. Hey!  No more condemnation for you.
This song will bring great workings of miracles to homes and set people free from every bondage.
No fear here!
Since the Lord is on my side
Why should I fear?  
Why should I be afraid? 
Bana Jin Tsoro 2*
(Am not afraid) 
Tunda Yesu yana zuciya ta
(Since Jesus resides in my heart) 
Though I walk through the valley of death 
I will never be afraid 
His glory surrounds me
One thousand on my side
Ten thousand on the other side
You’re living in me. 
Happy listening! 
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