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Naphtali Yakubu is here again with a new Music. Trust me, just as always you will be blessed with this amazing sound & a very sensational melody.


After releasing his previous single “Ahayah To The World” 6 months ago, Naphtali Yakubu has come with another inspiring music, he titled it “JARABA” (Temptation) and this will surely  edify your spirit and also the body of Christ as well..


As believers we all are compassed with temptations in one way or the other, but faithful is our Savior who has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light, he will surely lead us not into temptation and will deliver us from all evil if we pray,

follow and trust his word.
Don’t wait to be told, download and be blessed. Don’t forget to drop a comment.

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JARABA (Temptation) Lyrics!


•Verse 1.

Gashi nan dai ina tafiya cikin duniya mai wuya
rayuwa babu fasara

{Here I am on a journey in a crazy and complicated world,


where life is vain and meaningless}

Na bincika cikin ataurat, na gane babu duhu sam-sam,

yadda zan guje was Jaraba

{I’ve studied the (TORAH) book of the law, and i understood

that there’s no darkness on how to escape temptation}

Amma zuciyar mutumi cike da rikici, sannan shedan da

wayon sa ya dauki zarafi

{But the heart of man is full of uncertainties,

then Satan in his subtility took advantage}

Toh yaya zan guje wa zunubi? Oo!

Ubangiji na kai za ka bani iko in guje Jaraba

{So how then do I escape sin? O My Lord,

only you can give me the power to overcome temptation}


Addu’a ta kunlum shine in yi nasara

{My prayer daily is to overcome}

Bana so in fadi cikin tarkon Jaraba

{ I do not want to fall into the trap of temptation}

Cikin tunani na kunlum ina hattara

{I am being conscious in my thoughts daily}

Kar in fadi cikin kwarin inuwar mutuwa

{That I fall not into the valley of the shadow of death}


Oh oh oh!……Ummm!!


gashi har yau bamu gane ba, mu sojoji ne a bakin,

muna yaki amma ba na jiki ba.

{Until now we seem to be ignorant,

forgetting that we are soldiers in a battle front,

and we wrestle not against flesh and blood.}

Toh da shike mun aje kayan yaki, in Jaraba ta zo sai mu fadi,

karuwa take ma babu sauki, yaya zamu yi??

{And because we’ve cast away our weapons of war,

we continually fall victims of temptation,

and it get to grow beyond our strength; what then shall we do?..}

Sai mu maso kusa wurin mai magani, ..(Yashaya babban mai magani)..

don zunubi take cike da hatsari

(Let us therefore draw nearer to the chief physician

Cos the wages of sin is death)

{ •Back to chorus..}


Ubangiji bani nasara, don in guje wa Jaraba

{Most High give me victory to overcome temptation}

Ubangiji bani hikima da karfi lokacin Jaraba

(Most High give me wisdom and strength in times of temptation)

{•back to chorus }

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