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Jeremiah ‘Spokesman’ Aluwong is a Nigerian Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) artiste, seminary- trained theologian, missionary and academic. With renowned songs like Not Guilty, I Will Never Lose, and Lord Over Life in his quiver,


Spokesman has been in the Nigerian CHH scene since 2006 and is currently the Head of Missions of LighWk, an international missions outfit geared at using the art skill sets of young people to reach the lost.

The long awaited WEAPON OF MASS INSTRUCTION, THE MIXTAPE is finally here. Since 2016 Spokesman had his Debut Album, The PROPHETional SPEECH. By the grace of God, spokesman has travelled round the country, Nigeria, preaching the Word and representing Christ through the most lyrical rap music that ears have ever heard. A very humble servant of God, an anointed Rapper, a Bible lyricist, skillful and privileged to be chosen by God as a vessel, Spokesman is a Prophetic Teacher of the Word.
The Mixtape Weapon Of M Instruction (WOMI) is a mixture of top notch lyricism at its dopest and profound theology at its purest.
The MixTape highlights that :
*The Gospel is God’s weapon in the world.
*The Gospel is that Christ died, was buried and resurrected as written in the scriptures.
* Jesus Christ is God’s word and God’s word is God’s weapon in dealing with the world.
* The man that speaks God’s word is God’s weapon in the world.

Social media information –

Spokesman: Facebook – @spokesman, Twitter and Instagram – @spokesman001 Taj: Instagram – @Teeajay3254, Twitter – @rabeltaj3254
BriefIllness: Instagram – @briefillneiss, Twitte – @briefillneiss01
Flamezy: Instagram – @flamezydiamond

LightWk – @Lightwkonline

Kingdom Come producer: Steve Rawd – @steverawd
Kingdom Come video director: Seun Williams – @swmotionworks


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