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Godstime Okorie who has continually enlightened the assemblage of Christ with blessed melodies like “O Immanuel” , “Savior Mo”, “Jehovah Must Be Praised”, “Onye Omiko” to make reference to a couple brings one more one named “SINCERELY“.


SINCERELY” is a melody of Total Commitment, Surrender, Affirmation, Reaffirmation, Dedication, Rededication and Submission to The One and Only True God who gives us love extravagantly.

We face a daily reality such that our Christian Life and Journey with Jesus is tried in everyday issues. We are confronted with preliminaries and allurements just to take our look off Jesus and on the completed work on Calvary.

This Song steps us back to Him ( JESUS ), The Light that encourages us to remain concentrated on Him. It keeps the cross before us just as keeps us in Him.

As you ask and respect Him, I trust that this melody will start up your longing for a sweet relationship with Jesus.



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