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Naphtali Yakubu is a minister of our time, an inspiration to our generation, an advocate of truth and prophecy in songs and in word. He’s been consistent in bringing out amazing sounds of revival. Songs like AHAYAH TO THE WORLD, JARABA AND “INA JIRA”.. He has come again with a new song of praise “KAUNAR KA“.
This song testifies of God’s great wonders and unflinching love which he has generously lavished upon his creatures. You will definitely enjoy it!
We often sing about God’s love for man forgetting to testify of his love for the trees, mountains, birds, lilies of the field, the sea, the angels, the beasts of the field e.t.c.
KAUNAR KA” professes love from God’s spectacle, not the superstitious perspective of man. 


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