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EMMANUEL IGNATIUS is a song writer, minister and motivational speaker, Hails from Lamurde local government of Adamawa state, Nigeria.


TAKE THE LEAD” came while I was serving 3 years ago in Abia State, while praying, I felt empty, I paused to figure the problem, then the Lord spoked to me saying;

“You went to so many places without asking me to go before you, but yet I took the lead ”

You venture into businesses and programs without asking me to take the lead , and yet again I took the lead ”

Then I remembered EXODUS 33:14-15

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Then Moses said to him , “If your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here. ”


  1. When we are in the midst of ‘war’ of the seen and unseen forces, JESUS will TAKE THE LEAD
  2. When the world is shouting of hunger and drought, JESUS will TAKE THE LEAD.
  3. When there are many accident happening on our roads, JESUS will TAKE THE LEAD and guide us. And,
  4. Where your strength failed you, JESUS will TAKE THE LEAD.

Just invite him to take charge of everything in your life.



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