*Wuyokkah Wilfred Salama (Graphix Artist IJosRadio)

In a place where rare gem exist, there is always this friend who sticks closer that a brother and will always be there for you. Wildee is one of those rare gem.
An artist who fears God and live a happy life with people around.
One who understands that God gave him hands not just for earthly toils but also for spiritual growth. This kind hearted personality finds pleasure in playing instruments as a means of worship to God.
Indeed God did not just bless him, but he blessed

*Playing keyboard, sketching, graphic manipulations
*Facebook : Wilfred Wuyokkah
*Instagram : Wilfred Wuyokkah
*13th July yearly
*A passionate artist, an art educator and an instructor
*”transmission transfusion”😂
*iJosRadio… Capturing Jos and beyond ✌😎