Taiwo Paul Olatunde also known as Youngtoff is the brains behind the radio website. He is one who fears and loves God with a kind heart of taking peoples matter and vision serious.

He believes in greatness and encourages people around him to invest in themselves so that they world will appreciate their existence.

This distinct blogger and founder of 36Box Blog is creative and technically inclined as he uses both attributes to build and design his web page that carry lots of ideas and information which cut across Entertainment, Education, Tech & a bit of Lifestyle among others that is impacting to this generation.

Youngtoff has a sacrificial heart for making things work for people around him and taking time to make things work for people.
Indeed his gentle nature speaks of his open and sincere heart.
[14:10, 2/17/2019] Taiwo Paul:


Technical/Social Media Specialist/Expert.